Carmen Ruiz Delgado

Former Postdoctoral Fellow


Office: MS&E 4202

Phone: 404-385-8182


Publications in the Brédas Group:

  • Tuning the Charge-Transport Parameters of Perylene Diimide Single Crystals via End and/or Core Functionalization: A Density Functional Theory Investigation, Ruiz Delgado, MC; Kim, EG; da Silva Filho, DA; Brédas, JL, Journal Of The American Chemical Society, 132, 3375–3387 [2010]
  • Regiochemistry of Poly(3-hexylthiophene): Synthesis and Investigation of a Conducting Polymer, Pappenfus, TM; Hermanson, DL; Kohl, SG; Melby, JH; Thoma, LM; Carpenter, NE; da Silva Filho, DA; Bredas, JL, Journal of Chemical Education, 87, 522-525 [2010]
  • Transition from Tunneling to Hopping Transport in Long, Conjugated Oligo-imine Wires Connected to Metals, Choi, SH; Risko, C; Ruiz Delgado, MC; Kim, BS; Bredas, JL; Frisbie, DC, Journal Of The American Chemical Society, 132, 4358-4368 [2010]