Shino Ohira

Former Postdoctoral Fellow

Fuji Films


Office: MS&E 4202

Publications in the Brédas Group:

  • Dithienopyrrole-Based Donor-Acceptor Copolymers: Low Gap Materials for Transport, Photovoltaics and Electrochromism, Zhang, X; Steckley, TT; Dasari, RR; Ohira, S; Postcavage, WJ; Tiwari, SP; Coppee, S; Ellinger, S; Barlow, S; Bredas, JL; Kippelen, B; Reynolds, JR; Marder, SR, Journal Of Materials Chemistry, 20, 123-134 [2010]
  • Using End Groups to Tune the Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Bis(dioxaborine)-Terminated Polymethine Dyes, Matichak, JD; Hales, JM; Ohira, S; Barlow, S; Jang, SH; Jen, AK-Y; Bredas, JL; Perry, JW; Marder, SR, Chemphyschem, 11, 130-138 [2010]
  • Design of Polymethine Dyes with Large Third-Order Optical Nonlinearities and Loss Figures of Merit, Hales, JM; Matichak, J; Barlow, S; Ohira, S; Kada, Y; Bredas, JL; Perry, JW; Marder, SR, Science, 327, 1485-1488 [2010]