David Beljonne

Former Visiting Principal Research Scientist

Université de Mons


E-Mail: david.beljonne@umons.ac.be

Publications in the Brédas Group:

  • Charge-transfer Excitons Steer the Davydov Splitting Mediate Singlet Exciton Fission in Pentacene, Beljonne, D; Yamagata, H; Bredas, JL; Spano, F; Olivier, Y, Physical Review Letters, in press, [2013]
  • Density Functional Theory for the Description of Charge-Transfer Processes at TTF/TCNQ Interfaces, Van Regemoreter, T; Gullaume, M; Sini, G; Sears, JS; Geskin, V; Bredas, JL; Beljonne, D; Cornil, J, Theoretical Chemistry Accounts, 131, 1273-1280 [2012]
  • On the Interface Dipole at the Pentacene-Fullerene Heterojunction: A Theoretical Study, LInars, M; Beljonne, D; cornil, J; Lancaster, K; Bredas, JL; Verlaak, S; Mityashin, A; Heremans, P; Ide, J; Mereau, R; Aurel, P; Ducasse, L; Castet, F, Journal Of Physical Chemistry C, 114, 3215-3224 [2010]
  • Charge Transport in Organic Semiconductors: A Multiscale Modelling, , Functional Supramolecular Architectures for Organic Electronics and Nanotechnology, , [2010]
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  • Electronic Processes at Organic-Organic Interfaces: Insight from Modeling and Implications for Opto-Electronic Devices, Beljonne, D; Cornil, J; Muccioli, L; Zannoni, C; Bredas, JL; Castet, F, Chemistry Of Materials, 23, 591-609 [2010]
  • Electro-Active π-Conjugated Oligomers And Polymers: A Molecular Picture Of Charge-Transfer Processes, Brédas, JL; Beljonne, D; Coropceanu, V; Cornil, J, Educación Química, 15, 388-397 [2004]
  • Quantum Chemistry As A Tool For The Study Of Electronic And Optical Processes In Organic Materials, Lemaur, V; Hennebicq, E; Cornil, J; Beljonne, D; Brédas, JL, Chimie Nouvelle, 82, 73-78 [2003]
  • Quantum-Chemical Design Of Two-Photon Absorbing Organic Chromophores, Beljonne, D; Perry, JW; Marder, SR; Brédas, JL, Nonlinear Optics, 27, 47-63 [2001]
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  • Theoretical Design Of Organic Chromophores With Large Two-Photon Absorption Cross-Sections, Beljonne, D; Kogej, T; Marder, SR; Perry, JW; Brédas, JL, Nonlinear Optics, 21, 461-480 [1999]
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