Massimo Malagoli

Former Research Scientist


Office: MS&E 4202B


Publications in the Brédas Group:

  • Assembly and Characterization of Well-Defined High-Molecular-Weight Poly(p-phenylene) Polymer Brushes, Alonzo, J; Chen, J; Messman, J; Yu, X; Hong, K; Deng, S; Swader, O; Dadmun, M; Ankner, J; Britt, P; Mays, JW; Malagoli, M; Sumpeter, B; Bredas, JL; Kilbey, SM, Chemistry Of Materials, 23, 4367-4374 [2011]
  • Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Based On Arylamine Molecules And Polymers With A Fluorene Core, Domercq, B; Hreha, R; Haldi, A; Barlow, S; George, C; Marder, SR; Malagoli, M; Brédas, JL; Kippelen, B, SPIE -The International Society for Optical Engineering, 5214, 225-232 [2004]