Eung-Gun Kim

Former Adjunct Research Scientist


Office: MS&E 4202

Phone: 404-385-8182


Publications in the Brédas Group:

  • The Nature of the Aluminum-Aluminum Oxide Interface: A Nanoscale Picture of the Interfacial Structure and Energy-Level Alignment, Kim, EG; Bredas, JL, Organic Electronics, 14, 569-574 [2013]
  • Prediction of Remarkable Ambipolar Charge-Transport Characteristics in Organic Mixed-Stack Charge-Transfer Crystals, Zhu, L; Yi, Y; Li, Y; Kim, EG; Coropceanu, V; Bredas, JL, Journal Of The American Chemical Society, 134, 2340-2347 [2012]
  • Mono and Dicarbonyl-Bridged Tricyclic Heterocyclic Acceptors: Synthesis and Electronic Properties, Getmanenko, Y; Risko, C; Tongway, P; Kim, EG; Li, H; Sandhu, B; Tmofeeva, T; Bredas, JL; Marder, SR, Journal of Organic Chemistry, 76, 2660-2671 [2011]
  • Charge Transfer in Molecular Complexes with 2,3,5,6-Tetrafluoro- 7,7,8,8-tetracyanoquinodimethane (F4-TCNQ): A Density Functional Theory Study, Lingyun Zhu, Eung-Gun Kim, Yuanping Yi, and Jean-Luc Brédas, Chemistry Of Materials, 23, 5149-5159 [2011]
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  • Regiochemistry of Poly(3-hexylthiophene): Synthesis and Investigation of a Conducting Polymer, Pappenfus, TM; Hermanson, DL; Kohl, SG; Melby, JH; Thoma, LM; Carpenter, NE; da Silva Filho, DA; Bredas, JL, Journal of Chemical Education, 87, 522-525 [2010]
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  • Transport Properties In The Rubrene Crystal: Electronic Coupling And Vibrational Reorganization Energy, da Silva, DA; Kim, EG; Bredas, JL, Advanced Materials, 17, 1072 [2005]